Getting Started

We gathered a few resources to help you get started with æternity development.

Specific materials about oracles and state channles will be covered in the webinars that will be hosted during the first days of the haeckathon. 

Before going into the tools you can get acquainted with the aeternity protocol by completing this quizz. Also have a look to dacade.org where you will find free intro materials to Blockchain and æternity.

Grab some popcorn and your laptop !

If you are new to aeternity development, and want to get prepared in advance, you might be interested in watching the webinars held at the Human DeFi Haeck held in November. 

Developer tools

Programming libraries are available. Any Javascript developer can build a simple æternity app in one day. For a quick start and reference, it is recommended to use the JavaScript SDK.


Hosted and auto-generated æternity Node API documentation

SDK Frontend APIs

JavaScript (recommended)

SDK documentation

æternal Backend API

æternal is a caching layer and API server for æternity. It is used to respond to queries faster than the node and to support queries that the node cannot support for efficiency reasons.

CLI - Command Line Client

Quickly test all of Aeternity’s blockchain features from your terminal, you can install and use our NodeJS CLI

Recheck.io SDK

Useful to accelerate the development of solutions which record, verify, share, sign and track data on the æternity blockchain 

Safe Smart Contracts with Sophia

Sophia is a functional Smart Contract language in the ML family. It is strongly-typed and has a restricted mutable state. Sophia is a Ocaml-like language with syntax mostly resembling that of Reason.

The Sophia language was created to easily utilize the potentials of the æternity protocol. Some features of conventional languages, such as floating point arithmetics for example, are not present, while some blockchain-specific primitives, constructions, and types have been added.


Examples on Github

Code highlighting

AE Studio contract editor


Why æternity is the best protocol for decentralized applications?

æternity unique features make the protocol specially suitable for decentralized applications. Here is why, and here you have a complete explanation.

  • Oracles embedded in the protocol

+ On GitHub

+ On medium

Weather Oracles Tutorial by Jeevanjot 

  • Sophia: Ultra-safe smart contract programming language

Read the docs!

  • State channels = Unlimited scalability

+ On GitHub

+ on AE forum

Coin Toss Game State Channels Tutorial

  • Consensus mechanism & Bitcoin-NG: 3 seconds confirmation time

+ On GitHub

+ On Medium

  • AENS: Naming service for human readable addresses

+ On GitHub

+ on AE forum

  • Ability to perform off-chain smart contract executions

+ On GitHub

  • FATE: Security and minimal on-chain transaction costs

+ On GitHub

+ On YouTube


NEW: Akshwani Hæck webinars recordings & presentation slides!

April 5th: Kick-off! Video Slides

April 6th: Sophia Hands-on workshop Video Slides

April 7th: Designing and Deploying Oracles Video1 Video2 Slides

April 8th: Intro to State Channels Video Slides

April 9th: Ideation session on oracles Video

April 12th: Technical AMA (Ask Me Anything) --- More AMA sessions coming soon!

Playlist with all Akshwani Hæck webinars!! Let's do this :D